Vatel and its hotel management school

A gourmet adventure through authentic cuisine, inspired by traditional recipes and seasonal produce


We had reserved a table for dinner at the Vatel restaurant in Paris, situated in the Batignolles neighbourhood of north-west Paris. Upon entering the restaurant we were surprised to be greeted by a large number of young waiters and waitresses, attentive to our every desire. Some might even say there were too many, and you wouldn’t be wrong, but these young waiters and waitresses are actually students! This restaurant is also a hotel management school.

The French institution’s international reputation was confirmed when it was crowned best hotel management school at the 17th Worldwide Hospitality Awards in 2016, outshining more than 42 other prestigious establishments.

While students in their first and second years take care of front-of-house hospitality, the most experienced can be found in the kitchens, serving up authentic dishes inspired by traditional cuisine and made with seasonal ingredients.

It goes without saying that we had a delightful evening together, savouring the subtlety and simplicity of each dish. To top it off the desserts were absolutely magnificent, a true feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds of our diplomat friends!

By Delphine du Passage – Restaurants