The " Nuit du Quatuor" at the Orangerie

When music and painting come into vibration....

The mere fact of entering the Water Lilies rooms of the Musée de l’Orangerie is in itself an incomparable experience: this sudden immersion in the aquatic and vibrant world of Monet’s paintings surrounds you with a perfect oval. And when these vibrations meet those of a string quartet, the emotion is indefinable.
This was the case during the "Nuit Blanche" on October 1st. The management of ProQuartet had invited about forty members of Bienvenue en France to the private opening concert of the "Night of the Quartet".
The Quartet “Confluence” opened this concert with a contemporary work by Romanian composer Dobrinka Toakova. From the first notes, the music came into vibration with Claude Monet’s paintings : sometimes plaintive murmurs of barely touched strings, sometimes violent and painful accents, always vibrant.
This was succeeded by the much more classical harmonies of HAYDN’s Quartet op 76 n°1, superbly performed by the young Confluence quartet, remarkable for the complicity of its musicians, the attention and the flawless dialogue between the instruments and also, sometimes, touches of strings echoing the touches of the Water Lilies’colors.
Rarely has the word vibration taken on so much meaning.
The evening continued under the arcades of the Café Lapérouse, with a moonrise... in short, an exceptional evening thanks to ProQuartet.


Annie Lionnet

© Bienvenue en France AL