The Maison Petrossian: A temple to caviar for 100 years

With two hundred years’ experience specialising in caviar, the Maison Petrossian is the world’s largest buyer of the product. An introduction to the finest collection of carefully selected and matured caviar.

PETROSSIAN, a family business whose name is synonymous with caviar, has been a Parisian institution for nearly 100 years. Today the world’s largest buyer of caviar, this company owes its reputation to the expertise accumulated by the family over nearly two centuries, and to the innovations brought in by each new generation.

In the 1920s, two brothers of Armenian origin, Melkoum and Mouchegh Petrossian, had the extraordinarily avant-garde idea of introducing France to the sturgeon roe that had been so highly valued by the Russian Court. The success they achieved exceeded all expectations.

Conscious of the undeniable extinction of wild sturgeon, Armen Petrossian, the current director, started to farm sturgeon, selling the first farmed roe in 1998. He thus transformed the family business into a leader in “Imperial Beluga”. Since 2008, the two traditional caviar-producing countries (Russia and Iran) have been surpassed by hundreds of sturgeon farms spread across every continent. Every variety of sturgeon has its own particular characteristics, while the country or region of the farm isn’t necessarily significant. The only important considerations are the quality of the farming and the treatment of the eggs before the Maison Petrossian and its expert “caviarologists” apply their ancestral expertise.

This age-old expertise for perfection is also evident throughout the vast array of 400 products that the company offers, the quality of which BEF members were lucky enough to appreciate. Armen and his wife provided us with a delicious tasting of caviar and smoked fish, which delighted the members present, all of whom were particularly struck by the warmth and hospitality they received throughout the visit.

By Ghislaine Cassou and Marie-Hélène Toulouse