The Élysée Palace, exceptional visit guided by Madame Brigitte Macron.

Grand mansion which has become the residence of French Presidents of the Republic, the Élysée was revealed to us by none other than the lady of the house herself, Mme Brigitte Macron, for an extraordinarily friendly visit! The private appartments with their successive decoration over time, the gardens and kitchens no longer hold any secrets from us....ok

It was on Wednesday the 4th of April instigated by Amanda Gourdault-Montagne that 25 of our friends from Bienvenue could take advantage of a truly exceptional visit of the Élysée Palace with an « expert guide » no other than the wife of the President herself, Madame Brigitte Macron.

This historic grand mansion dated back to 1720 by the Architect Armand-Claude Mollet, at the request of the Comte d’Evreux, would have had numerous landlords, of whom were the Marquise de Pompadour or Lamartine, before actually becoming the place where Presidents of the Republic would reside.

Of course the Élysée has undergone many architectural transformations over nearly three centuries but the principal pieces of furniture and art works originate from the ‘Mobilier National’ from which each resident can choose to furnish the palace.
Some residents like Claude Pompidou would leave traces of modernism inside these historic walls-a good illustration would be the furnished reception room designed by Pierre Paulin.
It’s also what Brigitte Macron has achieved by introducing into the Palace art works from renowned artists such as Shepard Fairey, Pierre Aleshinsky and Florence Knoll, amongst others.....

Our visit was enhanced by the gardens with Nemo the labrador who was savouring « the chickens »of the President in their coup, and then a tour of the reserves to admire the silver ware and crockery of official gala dinners not to mention the kitchens where the renowned chef Guillaume Gomez reigns.

To end our visit a refreshment was served in the Ballroom.
It was a memorable occasion but more than anything it was the friendly and spontaneous way in which our hostess made us feel at home that will remain in our memories for a long time to come.

By Amanda Gourdault-Montagne et Véronique Debieuvre

Galerie photo