The Art and Skill of Painting on Porcelain

A workshop that lets you leave with your own creations.

We are delighted to once again have a dedicated and enthusiastic group of participants from a variety of different countries signed up to our Painting on Porcelain workshops; and you don’t need to be a fine artist to enjoy this activity!

You will, however, need four or five lessons in order to fully complete your masterpieces. Some basic techniques are taught to make the session more fun, and the students are motivated and eager to learn. During the three-hour lesson, we make sure everyone is having a good time learning these techniques, such as transferring designs using tracing paper and ink.
The next step is to master the very meticulous brushwork so as to achieve the right depth of colour.

After grasping the basics, students can unleash their creative side and make a start on their own designs, choosing from a selection of putois brushes, different colours and different objects (plates, mugs, cups, etc.), all in a warm and friendly atmosphere.
Thanks to the patience and know-how of Catherine and Martine, the students leave (after firing their ceramics) with a range of creations that will stand the test of time.

By Catherine Missonnier and Martine Hacard - China painting

Galerie photo