Here are some testimonials from friends who left France for new horizons. Diplomatic life requires ...

JURE VODNIK (Slovenia post in Japan)

My Dear friends, I’m coming out of a meeting at the French Embassy, it feels so good - the French-speaking world - and it brings back fond memories. Thank you once again for the privileged moments we spent together at bridge. All the best in lockdown!
Jure Vodnik


My Dear friends,
With a pinch in my heart, I am sending you this email to say goodbye! The time has come for my husband’s assignment in Paris to come to an end and I will be returning to Moscow next week.
I wanted to thank you all for your welcome, your availability, your kindness and your friendship. I will keep fond memories of all our visits, our trips, our meetings, unforgettable lunches and receptions at the Quai’Orsay and at the embassies in Paris.
Unfortunately, we were not able to make a departure reception as tradition has it, given the conditions under which our departure from Paris was imposed and I only had the time to ‘virtually’ say good-bye on the eve of my departure! I am happy to have shared these 5 years with you and I thank you very sincerely.
Take care of yourselves and your loved ones! And I hope that the Bienvenue en France Association will resume its "off line" activities very soon!
Looking forward to meeting you again one day!
Thank you again and good luck !
Kind regards,
Oxana Studennikova
Wife of the Minister-Counselor at the Russian Embassy in France


Dear members of the cultural activities at Bienvenue en France,
It’s time for me to say goodbye to you, with a certain nostalgia, I will be leaving Paris for good in a few days.
I wanted to thank you for the 3 years spent with you. I really enjoyed following the very interesting visits to the different institutions that you so kindly organized for us and I have seen and learned a lot. It has been a wonderful experience.
Again all my thanks and I wish you all the very best in the future.
Jean-Claude Weibel