Testimony : Montmartre forever

A day in the life of a Chilean diplomat’s wife, French language student

We met on the steps in the Place de Saint Pierre, at the start of our journey of discovery into Montmartre.

First we visited "the Bateau Lavoir", where a young Picasso lived at the start of his career, working with other great artists and painters of the time, from Modigliani to Utrillo, and even his dear friend Apollinaire.
Next, the house of the singer Dalida, who lived there for 25 years before her death.
Then onwards to the last working windmill, which was the inspiration for Renoir’s "Le Moulin de la Galette".
A little further on, we came to "Le Lapin Agile", a tiny building housing one of the most celebrated cabaret spots in Paris. And just opposite, les Arènes atop the Butte, and a few steps from the Basilica, the Clos Montmartre vineyard, which is managed by an association of residents from the surrounding area.

With every walk, you discover something which speaks to you.
In Montmartre, it was the "Wall of Love", with the words “I love you” written in all the languages of the world, and in all their different scripts – a silent testament to the truth that love has no borders!

And what better way to end a walk like that, than with a delicious hot chocolate, a madeleine or two, and a glorious view over the whole of Paris.

Many thanks indeed to our guides!

By Marie Isabel Orrego de Cabrera