Sharing the joy of song in our choir

An international group, a universal language, and new friend-ships

Every week, the Bienvenue Choir is lucky enough to rehearse at the won-derful residence of the Canadian Ambassador, to whom extend our sin-cerest thanks.
In our group, joy and warmth reign supreme. Members find their voices by entering into musical harmony with one another. It’s a way to take time to breathe.
Song inspires the spirit. Music, the universal language, carries a message that goes beyond the words of any song; a message that anyone can un-derstand and appreciate. In singing, we find joy and rhythm, but also friendship, energy, and enjoyment, as we improve our skills both individ-ually and collectively.
We surpass our own expectations as we practice this restorative activity.
Singing together opens the heart and the body to human emotion, crystal-lising it in a moment of beauty and harmony.

All are — and always will be — welcome in the choir!

By Onnick Adourian, Choir Director - Choir

Galerie photo