Painting on porcelain

Four courses are essential for a good training before being able to give free rein to your creativity.

I am pleased to run a fortnightly class in my flat.
I offer training in traditional techniques so that my students can feel at ease with their brushes: pen work, the brush technique with the pose-press-pull-raise, which is the basic exercise for painting motifs directly, and the slanted brush technique called ‘polecat’, which creates shadows and reliefs. The skunk brush is used to create plain backgrounds with a foam sponge.
Once these techniques are acquired, the students can start decorating white porcelain and explore ways in which to express their creativity more freely!
During the classes, which take place in a warm and relaxed atmosphere, where we exchange recipes, useful addresses and book titles, everyone can put their knowledge of French into practice and even improve it.
I would like to quote a testimonial from my students: "We thank our host for her welcome, her beautiful smile, her know-how in painting on porcelain. We are very happy to gather all of us around her sunny dining room.
“The girls”!

By Catherine Missionniser - Painting on porcelain