One thing leading to another

To Use our ten fingers with two of our five senses: the look and the touch!

Fascinated since my earliest childhood by the needle work of my two grandmothers, one for knitting and the other for lace, I am happy, being myself a grandmother for the sixth time this spring, to propose a new group to our association. It is therefore a bond which binds me to this workshop which, I hope, will be as fun as possible and where everyone will find happiness and satisfaction.
The group could have been called: "De fil en aiguille" or "Au bonheur des dames" however we cannot reduce this group to only our female friends since in our days, among contemporary creators, there are both women and men. I really like the title, 5.5, because, to do this, we will use our ten fingers, and test our abilities to use two of our five senses, looking and touching.
Left and right hands are at work tirelessly and create a mental and spiritual balance as noted by one of the diplomats interested in joining the group. Fine handling, dexterity, minutia, effort and perseverance, point by point. This is the opposite of speed. Using your hands allows you to learn while making use of patience. In this needlework, we can also include repair, adjustments and embroidery.
So that everyone finds happiness, we will take the time to discover different haberdasheries in the four corners of the capital knowing that the temple of sewing, knitting and tapestry is located at the "Saint Pierre market", at the foot of the Montmartre basilica.


Catherine Filhol