Oil painting workshop

Oil painting is easy and fun - anyone can be an artist!


Oil painting classes will teach you techniques and simple methods so that you can create replicas or your own paintings. In addition to having fun, you may well discover a hidden talent for art! You have to try oil painting to find out how enjoyable this relaxing, creative activity can be.

By Catherine de Bretagne - Oil painting

Galerie photo

Elizabeth Falsone (United States), oil on canvans, CONCORDE Elena Kadyscheva (Russia), oil on canvans, COUNTRY BRIDGE Mariangela Grimaldo (Venezuela), oil on canvas Eka Medulashvili (Georgia), oil on canvas, SNOW-COVERD ROOFS Eka Medulashvili (Georgia), oil on canvans, VENISE 1 Mariangela Grimaldo (Venezuela), oil on canvas