"O Canada!"

As a year of French language classes came to a close, we gathered together at the Canadian Ambassador’s residence to celebrate!

Isabelle Hudon, the Canadian Ambassador to France, welcomed us into the splendid house and gardens of her official residence for a celebratory lunch. It was a delightful event – an intermingling of colours, flavours and accents from far and wide.

A diverse group of students, teacher/group leaders, board members and even our founding president, Marie-Thérèse François-Poncet, came together for the event. All 70 guests were gladdened to hear the warm words spoken about our association. This wonderful welcome attests to the friendship that unites us, giving meaning and vitality to the beautiful commitment that sees students and teachers meet every week throughout the year for two hours of French class. And this lively spirit of learning has continued for the last 40 years!

Indeed, it is a pleasure to see our students progress and grow in confidence during their weekly meetings at Bienvenue! Representing thirty nationalities, we heard sketches, poetry and riddles, as well as shared jokes and signs of friendship, all showing a shared affinity for the culture and language of life in France.

In addition to delicious pies decorated with maple leaves, we dined on specialties from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas a meeting of flavours and stories, all told in French, of course!

It’s a word that exists in all languages... In French, to our dear association Bienvenue en France, to our dear friend Gilles and to our dear great Francophone country, O Canada, merci!

By Dominique Teixido-Hervé – French language classes

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