« Necklaces or breast pockets » for the International lunch, 2018

Our President, Amanda Gourdault-Montagne welcomed us to her first international lunch where the dress code of the guests matched perfectly with the beautiful reception rooms of the Quai d’Orsay.

Surrounded by her team of volunteers all dressed in white with a lovely stole in green Amanda Gourdault-Montagne first and foremost warmly thanked the most important among us, firstly our founding President Marie-Thérèse François-Poncet and of course our well known honourary President Mme Maria Vadillo Le Drian who is always present and very attached to our association.

Mme Le Drian then took the floor pointing out that the magnificent place in which we were welcomed was the same as that having been used to welcome royalty and Ambassadors. The Quai d’Orsay remains a testimony of the luxurious style used in decoration during the Second empire.‘’It was necessary to display the talent of our craftsmen to impress our visitors.‘’A small leaflet about the Quai d’Orsay was provided on every table awaiting the broadcast of a new film.

Many thanks to the Committee for it’s ongoing assistance as well as a few words of special thanks to two of our long standing members, organisers since the beginning who are leaving Bienvenue one of whom after thirty nine years of service. Reflected by them remain all our organisers,’’ the soul of the association without whom anything could be achieved.’’

« Necklaces or breast pockets » shone around the ladies’ necks or more discreetly sparkled in the men’s pockets. This gave to this much loved event by foreign diplomats and French organisers alike an air of a fashion show for accessories....international. Sequins, African beads, Chinese pearls, heavy stone pendants or sophisticated home crafted creations all combined to display the real imagination and personal touch of everyone present.

No guest needed much encouragement to find a place to taste the overflowing salty delights of the incredible buffet so multicultural like the association : shrimp ceviche , Russian cauliflower called »Olivier » the name of it’s creator, Thai rice, Spanish tortillas, vine leaves, tartes from every origin, not to mention the overwhelming choice of desserts from chocolate to raspberry...so French. Madame Le Drian moved from table to table greeting her guests who were engrossed in festive conversation.

A wonderful full stop to a year of friendship before the Summer beak.
To next year, at the revamped Forum on the 4th of October!

By Héléna Rollet

Galerie photo