Get a touch of the famous French savoir-faire and learn recipes and secrets of our cuisine. We will teach you how to cook savoury dishes and then taste your preparations in a friendly atmosphere.

Seven lunches a year 150 € / year
Or 75€ for a three-course session

Informations pratiques

Organizer : Chantal Bosc


Clémence Donneaud
Agnès Durieux and Agnès de Montaignac
- 1 session of 3 lunches from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. 75€


Corinne Boiraud
Jane Etienne


Bénédicte Pinel
Sylvie Genuyt, Guillemette de Préville

Please be aware that you can register for only one group !

Dans le calendrier

  • Lunch Cooking Course :

    Tuesday 17 November 11:00-14:30

    At Clémence Donneaud’s home

  • Lunch Cooking Course

    Wednesday 25 November 11:30-15:00

    At Corinne Boiraud’s home

  • Lunch Cooking Course

    Thursday 3 December 11:00-14:30

    At Bénédicte Pinel’s home