Breaking News in Books, April 2021

by Sabine Bouillon

La forêt aux violons (in French)
Cyril Gely
In Cremona, Italy in the 17th century, a young violin maker dreams of making the perfect instrument. His quest takes him on regular trips to Monte Rosa in the Alps, home to stunning spruce trees. That’s where he makes the chance encounter that inspires him to find the ideal shape for his violins, which go on to become famous.
Inspired by a real story, this is a subtle and touching novel.

Et devant moi la liberté (in French)
Virginie Mouzat
The imaginary diary of Charlotte Perriand, a talented designer who had to establish herself in an industry dominated by men and work closely with Le Corbusier. This is the tale of an extraordinary woman who transformed our interiors.

Where the Crawdads Sing

Delia Owens
North Carolina, 1950s. Abandoned by her family, 10 year old Kia lives alone in the marsh. Growing up in the wild ensures her survival, but the isolation also puts her in danger. A gripping and moving story as well as an homage to nature.


Anna Hope
London, 1990s. Three young women at university share a flat and talk about their relationships, hopes and ambitions. But where are they 30 years later?
A sensitive and thought-provoking look at female friendship and where life takes us.

J’aurais pu devenir millionnaire (in French)

Alexis Jenni
John Muir (1838-1914) was a Scottish-American writer and environmental pioneer. As a botanist, scientist and adventurer, he explored the spectacular wide open spaces of the US and advocated for their protection, and was also part of the campaign to establish the country’s first national park. This book breathes new air into the story of this naturalist.