King Cake

In our French classes, we like to eat cake and sing about it!

The traditional king cake, eaten in France to celebrate Epiphany at the end of the Christmas season, encapsulates every aspect of French culture at BEF – round tables, classic literature, lunch with an author, conversation and bridge, cinema and the choir!
We had a wonderful time singing the well-known ditty about our delicious king cake:
"J’aime la galette, savez-vous comment ?...
Quand elle est bien faite ...avec...beaucoup d’amitié dedans..."

The accents from around the world united by our joyful choir quickly learnt to sing in harmony as we enjoyed letting this cheerful tune ring out.

We savoured an exquisite slice of cake and toasted a great many things. The lunch overran and we took the opportunity to mix with another group and learn a bit about a new activity.
We all enjoyed being "kings and queens" and wished each other a warm à bientôt as we said goodbye! Indeed, we won’t be waiting until next year before we see each other again!

By Dominique Teixido, French lessons

Galerie photo