Keep on Going!

Dear friends,

Since the beginning of this year, Bienvenue en France has never stopped keeping you involved in all our various activities while respecting the health restrictions we have had to live with.

Consequently we’ve been able to put together a programme enabling small groups to meet outdoors. These meetings in person have shown us just how precious it is for all of us to connect face to face. This has always been our mission as an association under the auspices of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs to welcome foreign diplomats to Paris.

We’ll keep on organising more meetings in person as well as facilitating interactive video conferences whenever needed.

Another very important role we’ve always had is to promote the teaching of French which, despite the ongoing difficulties, our language facilitators have successfully maintained. More than forty of you are loyal participants of these classes not forgetting our keen bridge partners and “French” cooks who regularly meet in small groups.

Véronique Debieuvre, Présidente par IntérimIn a nutshell, now that Spring is coming let’s not give up! Through our unflinching enthusiasm, all as one, we will resist and defeat this global enemy.

Véronique Debieuvre, Acting President

- This text was translated into English by Jane Etienne