In laughter and in song, a festive lunch for French classes at the Thai embassy

Within the Thai Residence gardens friendship was expressed in French thanks to the invitation of the Thai Ambassadrice, Mme Phuangketkeow.

What a wonderful time, French classes coming to a close after a year of weekly meetings from September to June for ninety participants and nine teachers.

It was when the sun came out after days of stormy weather in the gardens of the Thai embassy residence that our friendship was expressed in French. After three years in Paris, Madame Phuangketkeow, wife of the Ambassador, our Vera, an active participant in so many exceptional Bienvenue visits and activities and a committed and loyal member of the French classes group wanted to thank us all by organising this day.

Welcome champagne in hand, Madame Marie-Thérèse Francois-Poncet, our founding President reminded us all of the underlying aim of our young forty years old Association so well illustrated in the day’s atmosphere of friendship and trust.
The concert, woven together by international music, music from Seville and zaz, followed by humour and poetry culminated in song where even the real beginner’s from the two classes set up at the beginning of 2018 joined in.

Then the Residence chef enlightened us with a new vocabulary discovering new horizons where spicy sweets and visual treats rhymed in Thai and French, before sharing international desserts brought along by the guests.

This was all made possible thanks to thirty years of dedication to maintaining this beautiful tradition brilliantly led by Annick Sohier and her team in charge of French conversation, taken over by Dominique Texido-Hervé, the new course leader with so many committed teachers, Anne-Christine, Bariah, Brigitte, Elisabeth, Marthe, Odile, Sophie and Yolande.

A meeting of true friendship. Thankyou Vera, thanks to you all for making this day such a success in the name of peace, generosity and friendship.

By Dominique Texido-Hervé

Galerie photo