Gourmet heritage: French patisserie

The art of French patisserie beautifully showcases our national gastronomy and has an unbeatable worldwide reputation.

With high quality, seasonal ingredients, it captures the imagination, suits every fancy and appeals to all the senses. Firstly, sight: a cake must be beautiful and enticing enough to make you want to take a bite straightaway. Secondly, smell: the pleasant aroma of chocolate or caramelised fruit. Next comes hearing: the sweet sound of biting into a crunchy chocolate dessert. Then touch: delving your knife into a piece of tart and discovering the different consistencies beneath the blade, from soft to flaky. And finally, taste: the sensation of discovering new flavours, new textures and surprising combinations! French patisserie can seem inaccessible and impossible to recreate. However, through our patisserie course, we take great pleasure in showing you how to perfectly bake eclairs, charlotte cakes, entremets, lemon meringue tarts, macarons, and more!

By Clémence Donneaud - Patisserie course

Eclairs et choux ! Cliquez pour voir la vidéo