French language courses

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Beginner, intermediate, advanced …. Whatever your level is, come and learn French with us!
Please be aware that regular attendance is necessary to improve your language

Two hours a week at Bienvenue en France or
at a Volunteer’s home

130€ / year + the purchase of books

Organizer : Dominique Teixido-Hervé

Beginner 1
TUESDAY noon - 2 p.m.
Dominique Teixido-Hervé and Catherine Jeantaud
  Beginner 2
MONDAY 10 a.m- noon
Yolande Favreau and Marie-France Lugand
Beginner 3
TUESDAY10 a.m- noon
Bariah Guépratte
Intermediate 1
THURSDAY 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.
Marthe Diogo et Muriel Brunet
Intermediate 2
WEDNESDAY 10 a.m - noon
Anne-Christine de la Salle
Advanced 1
THURSDAY 10 a.m - noon
Brigitte Silvère-Caillé et Odile Nicoloso
Advanced 2
THURSDAY 10 a.m - noon
Elisabeth des Lyons
Advanced ++
TUESDAY 10:30 a.m - noon
Annick Sohier

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