Dear friends,

On behalf of our association and its board, I would like to wish you a merry Christmas and all the very best for the New Year.

As you know, Bienvenue en France and its staff are available all year round to help you make the most of your stay in France, for you to discover our country, its culture, its diversity, its areas of excellence... This is also why we continuously strive to find activities that suit you best and leave no one behind, regardless of their level of French.

However, this approach can only be successful if it is in dialogue. This is why we, in turn, are so happy to get to know you better, to exchange and to learn what you have to offer as well. This is a place of sharing, of friendship, based on mutual respect for our respective values which, like all the great fundamental values of our societies, are often similar. Over the coming months, we will therefore continue to listen to you, to offer you new activities, all with our deep sense of friendship as this is one of the strongest ties that bind us.

Yes, we will continue to move forward because it is our mission and we are all undertaking this together.

Dear french and foreign friends, the actions carried out over the last few months are living proof of our association’s liveliness. It is an association that lives and vibrates for its members and with its members.

What better way to welcome in the new year: may 2023 be most vibrant and joyful to you all.

Véronique Debieuvre
President of Bienvenue en France


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