Dear friends,

The past two-years period was difficult to say the least, with its share of hopes that were thwarted by a relentless pandemic. Once again we find ourselves in an incertain world as we continue to develop the Bienvenue story together.

Among the greatest qualities of human beings is indeed our ability to persevere in a storm and bounce back after defeat: we remain resilient, defying the odds.

At Bienvenue en France, we have managed to maintain this special bond of friendship that unites us. Beyond our differences, we have continued to nurture what brings us together as friends and group leaders, from both France and abroad. We have not given up and that is why we are now ready as ever to make a fresh start.

It is with much hope and enthusiasm that we dedicate our energy to these activities we offer you. They are continually renewed thanks to the involvement and availability of our group leaders. This is not only our mission, it is our passion. Admittedly, we thoroughly enjoy pursuing this ideal day by day. We cherish connecting with those involved and always listen to one another with respect and care. We do this thanks to you and with you. Furthermore, when I hear some of our friends overseas returning to Paris after a first stay telling us how much Bienvenue has given them, then this feeling of a job well done makes us all redouble our efforts.

Today, as in the past, and with spring on the horizon, we have only one objective: to strengthen these ties of mutual knowledge and lasting friendship between our international friends and the French community. Thank you all for taking part wholeheartedly in this journey.

By Véronique Debieuvre, President a.i.
This text was translated into English by Alexandra Etienne

© Anton Darius on Unsplash