Dear friends,

To wish you a happy Christmas and New Year 2022 is most topical in this phase of renewed health uncertainty. While we hope that the difficult times of the last few months will not linger to replace those moments of joy, we must now stand strong before reality.

We will keep going as we have in recent months, with a sense of calm, pragmatism, responsiveness and caution. We have indeed resumed our activities, and your attendance at our various events indicates your willingness to get together to share these genuine moments of friendship. Other projects have already been finalised so that the coming year will enable our association to continue to play its role to the full. We will not fail in our mission.

But we are also fully aware of the risks we are facing and that our sense of responsibility requires us to maintain a lucid approach. We may have to adapt our activities, if health conditions deteriorate. However, we will not sit back and wait for things to happen and it is this message of hope that I would like to convey to you today.

Allow me to conclude by once again expressing my warmest wishes to you and all your loved ones for a more serene year, enhanced by friendship and by continually listening to each other. We will do so with care, not taking unnecessary risks and all together we will continue to move forward.

Yours sincerely and in sincere friendship.

Véronique Debieuvre, President a.i.

License Unsplash ©Toni Cuenca
This text was translated into English by Jane Etienne