Dear friends,

Christmas and New Year, full of messages of joy, peace and happiness to all, seem to be part of another world.

Our members and friends of Bienvenue have been strongly hit by the virus, without warning, bringing very little hope just now.

But it is just that, a message of hope, that I would like to send you here.

Despite the crisis, we have managed to keep very close connections with our foreign diplomat friends to prepare a better future.

To maintain this precious link with all of you, we have organised for the first quarter of 2021 a very special programme. Activities will be either face to face or from a distance respecting all sanitary restrictions.

I am truly hoping that all our friends will continue to rely on us and that before long we will all be together again!

Stay safe and look after your families and friends.
Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Véronique Debieuvre, Acting President

- This text was translated into English by Jane Etienne