Easy recipes for difficult times

Several Cooking groups regularly share recipes we like to call “storecupboard recipes”, which use just a few ingredients and are easy to make to sprinkle a little joy into life under lockdown.

Chantal - Cooking classes

Rinse and peel an aubergine.
Cut it lengthways into 10 slices using a vegetable peeler.
Brown the aubergine slices in a pan with 15cl of olive oil for 2 minutes on each side. Take the slices out the pan and leave them to cool on a piece of kitchen roll.
Cut a slice of ham into 10 strips and place one strip on each slice of cooled aubergine.
Cover with 100g of goat’s cheese or cream cheese, basil and black pepper. Roll the aubergine slices and pierce with a toothpick to hold in place. Keep the rolls chilled until you want to eat, then serve with a tomato coulis.

Mix together 175g of softened butter (take it out the fridge an hour before) and 150g of sugar. Add 3 eggs, 175g of sieved flour and half a packet of baking powder. Add the zest of 2 oranges and the juice of 1 orange. Mix together and pour into a cake tin. Cook in the oven at 150°C for 40 minutes. In a pan, mix 100g of icing sugar with the juice of 3 oranges. Melt slowly over a low heat and pour over the cake once removed from the oven.