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The best publishing platform for you is our newsletter!

Bienvenue publishes three newsletters a year. These are sent to all our members, diplomats and group leaders as well as to all the friends of our association who support us in our work as we embrace and promote French culture.
Our latest issue (no. 18) was read by 69% of you, which is is an excellent result, 52% reading in French, 48% in English. Adding internet links to our articles was welcomed, as it allowed you to deepen your knowledge of the proposed subject. The videos published have increased readership and we are grateful for this positive feedback. Thanks to our statistics, we can also identify which articles interested you the most. Kindly note that specific areas were considered as a must, notably the editorial, the special releases, our literary flash, the videos and the photos. Our site is visited by 2753 people each month on average. The articles in our newsletter, the calendar of our activities, the calendar of our workshops as well as our blog, invite you to keep track of our activities both past and upcoming. The relationship we have developed with you has allowed us to keep in contact thoughout this pandemic. You are now our loyal readers.
Our aim is to sustain the joy you feel when taking part in visits, courses or workshops and to make you want to read more. In order to achieve this, the editorial committee would be thrilled to receive your comments on the content, the presentation and the number of publications.
Kindly write to us, sending us a story or a video. You can get in touch with us via a link at the foot of the BEF Actu page, titled “Your opinion matters"

You have been exceptional, and thanks to Bienvenue, we have been able to continue our activities, to exchange and motivate ourselves and strengthen these ties that bring us closer together.

By Christine Carrasco-Saulnier - Marina Lafosse - BEF Actu
This text was translated into English by Alexandra Etienne

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