Constitutional Council

BEF knows all there is to know about the Conseil d’État, after the warm welcome we received from its president, Laurent Fabius, and our visit to learn about the role of this institution and its and workings.

Then, the Director for External Relations, Madame Pétillon, took over the reins. Calling upon her extensive knowledge of the institution, she described the council’s organisation, as well as its main prerogatives. Comprised of nine appointed members and the former Presidents of the Republic (members of right), the Constitutional council ensures that the laws voted by Parliament comply with the provisions set out in the Constitution (constitutional assessment of legislation) and oversees the regularity of referenda and the presidential election, for which it has the responsibility of proclaiming the results.

The visit continued with a tour of the magnificent apartments (currently under restoration) that belonged to Princess Maria Clotilde of Savoy, wife of Prince Jérôme Bonaparte, a cousin of Napoléon III. We were then served refreshments in these opulent surroundings.

By Jeanne-Marie de Felcourt

©Guilhem Vellut - Paris