Cineclass, "Le grand bleu"

On March 22, the hosts of the classy film group, Dominique Champier and Odile Nicoloso, made the choice, with the Olympic Games approaching, to present a film on sport.
Few French films have sport as their theme, so the choice fell on Le grand Bleu, directed by Luc Besson, a film about no limit freediving, an extreme sport which is not represented at the Olympics because it is too dangerous .
The Big Blue is a cult film for an entire generation of the 80s and 90s. Inspired by real events, the film tells the story of the friendship but also the rivalry between two divers, both determined to beat world depth records at the risk of their lives.
An atmospheric film with beautiful marine images, an ode to nature, accompanied by music that evokes the abyss and the song of cetaceans.

Odile Nicoloso