Breaking news in books, June 2022

Sabine Bouillon’s favorites

Beautiful Greene
by Alexandra Lapierre

In 1900s New York, Belle Greene, a bright and charming young woman, changed her name to a more aristocratic one name and seduced the New York high society.
Passionate about old books, she directed the Morgan Library which was a prestigious institution owned by private banker JP Morgan. But behind this success there was a secret. She is African American and thanks to her fair skin, she had been able to deceive this very closed world. Alexandra Lapierre writes a fascinating biography. Belle Greene’s life is worthy of a novel with its successes but also revealing great sacrifices.

I have the energy of a lioness in a bird’s body
by Patricia Bouchenot-Dechin

Rosa Bonheur was born in 1822 and this year we celebrate the bicentenary of her birth with major retrospectives on her work. This offers the opportunity to rediscover this somewhat forgotten artist. Her talent and hard work allowed her to carve out a good place for herself in an environment dominated by men. As an animal painter, she had considerable success in Great Britain and in America. Ignoring convention, she led her life in complete freedom.
Combining anecdotes and historical documents, this lively biography reveals a strong personality that was forged in an unusual family.

The Island of Lost Trees
by Elif Shafak

Cyprus 1974. Two young people are in love however he is Greek and she is Turkish.
A violent civil war opposes the two communities on the island. They will be separated 25 years. The witness of their love, a fig tree, tells their story. This gives the novel its originality. Elif Shafak transports us to the sun, to the shores of the Mediterranean and seduces us with her talent as a storyteller.

Good night Tokyo
by Yoshida Atsuhiro
Translated from Japanese

A ride in Tokyo at night experienced by taxi driver. He carries unusual characters, a private detective, a theater accessory maker, a phone operator. Everyone is looking for something or someone. What will be the outcome of their quest in the early morning? A delicate and poetic text that makes us discover a city, far from the usual hustle and bustle.