Breaking news in books, December 2021

Sabine Bouillon’s favorites

La volonté by Marc Dugain - (in French) - Ed .Gallimard

Marc Dugain pays homage to his father. An extraordinary man, from a very modest background, struck by polio at the age of 15, who overcame the disease and led a brilliant career as an engineer. An overwhelming father also with whom he was often in conflict. The family history, sometimes painful, is part of post-war France and the the glorious thirties (Les années Trente Glorieuses). A very personal book in which the author expresses with modesty and elegance his love and admiration for a father long misunderstood.

Les vies de Chevrolet by Michel Layoz - (in French)- Ed Zoé

In the years 1900’, Louis Chevrolet, a young genius Swiss mechanic, set off to try his luck in the United States, where the automobile industry was booming. He quickly put to work his talents and proved to be an excellent racing driver. He will leave his name to a mythical brand but will never find fortune! The fast-paced journey of a sympathetic and daring freak of the wheel.

The Phone Booth at the Edge of the World by Laura Imai Messina - Translated from Italian

In Japan, a telephone booth is placed in a huge garden on the slopes of Mount Kujira-yama.
It is not connected to anything but allows a person in mourning or affected by a tragedy to confide to the persons lost and to the "wind". A man and a woman meet in this garden.
Inspired by a real site in Japan, the narrative treats s a very sensitive subject with a lot of delicacy. It is also a message of hope. Life resumes and can bring many happy surprises.

The Perfect Wife By JP Delaney - Ed. Ballantine Books

Abbie wakes up in hospital after spending 5 years in a coma following an accident. Her husband reveals to her that she is in fact a "cobot" or pet robot, Abbie lookalike, downloaded from Abbie ’s emotions. Inconsolable, he would have designed this robot to overcome his pain. Little by little, Abbie wonders? Who is Tim, this caring husband? A psychological thriller set in the world of start-ups and which brilliantly exploits advances in artificial intelligence. The author subtly manipulates us and it’s a foray exciting in the not-so-distant future!

La voix des pôles by Lydie Lescarmontier - (in French) - Flammarion

Lydie Lescarmontier has a doctorate in glaciology. She tells about her first expeditions to Antarctica, the wonders but also the difficulties she encountered in her expeditions. She shares her different experiences in this inhospitable and magnificent environment and adopts an educational approach to transmit more technical data on global warming and melting ice.
This book which serves as both a travel journal and a scientific analysis is an interesting testimony which contributes to raise awareness for all of us.