Bienvenue welcomes new members

Organization, efficiency, generosity. Like an army, the monitoring ladies were mobilised to welcome our foreign friends with smiling faces and complete devotion.

As well there was the advantage of the venue at the site of the Quai d’Orsay. Taken in charge from the point of entry, the Forum’s guests were guided in a friendly fashion to the stands where 33 group leaders sharing 6 fields of activity were expecting them with competing appetizing offers. Only one further step to the side room for registering and happiness was to be found in the many opportunities for French language learning.

So dense was the crowd and as mentioned by our Chairperson Amanda Gourdault-Montagne in her welcoming speech "Beside our ladies in numbers, we have the great pleasure of welcoming this year many gentlemen". These men came to participate in one or several activities and not just to accompany their spouse!

The presence of slightly shy young women wearing a green badge was another novelty, helping beside more experienced monitoring ladies wearing a white one.
These new recruits named Clémence, Sandrine, Marie, Claire, Constance, Brigitte, Catherine, Dominique proved to be zealous and charming first timer frontliners. New activities were on offer : yoga, oenology, cinemaclass.

We were also told that Sandrine Scheer is leaving, she will be sorely missed. Her replacement Laetitia de La Gueronniere will be joining us very soon. Thankyou Sandrine and welcome Laetitia . Congratulations once more to Marie-Thérèse François-Poncet, our founding President "to whom we owe everything. We will never be thankful enough" declared Amanda Gourdault-Montagne.

Galerie photo