Bienvenue en français learns to Zoom! Zoomons, WhatsAppons, Skypons!

Goodness gracious! All these new words being invented to deal with our new reality!

We were proud to have successfully held a number of short discussions, giving people an opportunity to ask questions, put forward answers, exchange information and ideas and, more importantly, stay in touch with BEF’s eight French language classes.
Our groups shared their experiences, recipes, informative articles and funny videos, not forgetting the talk of grammar and vocabulary, intertwined with friendship and kindness to maintain relationships and keep on track thanks to the efforts and endless patience of each group leader.
During these strange times when we’ve had to stay far from our families and home countries, these sessions gave around 50 of our friends a delightful and essential slice of normality and company.
Well done BEF and bienvenue to this new technology!

Dominique and her team - French language classes