Bienvenue au Français!

How do you properly pronounce and understand the difficult sounds of the French language? Can you tell the difference between “le bon vin” and “le bon vent”? That is the aim of this phonetics class organised by BEF.

Starting in November, two workshops were organised by Dominique Teixido and run with all the skill of a conductor directing an orchestra by Marthe Diogo. The thirty or so participants at each of the sessions had great fun listening attentively to one another read the sentences and tongue twisters written especially for the group, such as: “Le bon vin se bonifie avec le temps” and “Les jeunes enfants adorent manger des bonbons qui sont mauvais pour les dents”.

Though the difficulty of understanding and pronouncing certain sounds is a challenge that is more or less complicated depending on a person’s country of origin, concentration levels hit their peak as participants did their best to say “le bon vin” rather than “le bon vent”, or even “le pont fin”.

Everyone present demonstrated real motivation to tame the persistently problematic pronunciation of the French language. The ladies running the weekly classes are proud to see the results of the participants’ considerable implication, motivated by their genuine desire to communicate in French, which is evident by the large number of people attending the workshops.

These classes will meet the expectations of our esteemed diplomats to help them uncover the secrets of the elegant French language, in November to polish up rudimentary pronunciation, and in January with the start of a new class for absolute beginners, the eighth such French class.

There isn’t much more to say to our friends, other than “bienvenue au français!”

French conversation :
- Two pronunciation workshops in November
- A new class will be starting in January for absolute beginners

By Dominique Teixido-Hervé

Galerie photo