Allô oui, cours de français !

From beginners to advanced learners – thank goodness for online communication tools!

Allô, oui! Ici Anne-Christine, Annick, Brigitte, Catherine A, Catherine J, Dominique Ch, Dominique TH, Elisabeth, Laurence, Marie-France, Marthe, Muriel, Odile, Yolande…
Hello! It’s time for your French lesson – over the phone, online, over Zoom, and even on Skype!
We get together on zoom for an hour, on the day and at the time the lessons are scheduled to take place, and we set a date with participants when we can call them each individually. We catch up, we chat, we communicate, beautifully in the magnificent French language we all adore, with people at all stages of their learning journey – from complete beginners to advanced learners and people keen to perfect their skill.
We have ourselves learned some new tricks, like how to programme a meeting, share a document or a white board, and display a conversation – there’s nothing we can’t do! Well, nearly nothing…! For the team, we don our masks, get our heads down and prepare for the day when we’ll reach the end of this tunnel and be able to come together, face to face, in a well aired room with all the hygiene measures in place – we will meet again!

By Dominique Teixido-Hervé – French language courses