A walk to the Royal Palace

A prestigious site with a monumental décor!

A testimony of three centuries of architecture and high place of the great and small history of France, the national domain of the Royal Palace is one of the most eminent jewels among France’s historical monuments.

We were warmly welcomed by Aymeric Péniguet de Stoutz, administrator, who retraced the main features of the history of this "village within the city", from its creation by Cardinal Richelieu in the seventeenth century to the present day. Jean-Manuel Devic, from the Office of the Minister of Culture then received us in the Jérôme salon, where we were offered drinks and pastries. We were able to admire magnificent woodwork and the furniture, guided by this art historian who led us to the Minister’s office and then to the Salon des Maréchaux.

We then left at half past 12H00 “pétante” after a traditional photo overlooking the garden was taken.
By the way, did you know that the expression "midi pétante" comes precisely from a small cannon installed in 1786 in the middle of the Palais Royal, which could be heard every day at noon to allow Parisians to adjust their watch?

Catherine Jeantaud, Vice-President